Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the prices for your services?

    We do not advertise our prices online as we tailor each customer's requirements to what they require. We offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements where pricing can be discussed then.

  • Is laser hair removal permanent?

    No. We cannot guarantee permanent hair removal but in some cases this can happen. All patients are different and hair growth levels can vary. There is no permanent hair removal solution in the current market.

  • Is laser hair removal painful?

    Some people find it can hurt and others do not feel a thing, it completely depends on the individual as to how they can handle pain levels and what area is being treated, as more sensitive areas are more prone to feeling a bit more painful than other areas. Just remember that the long term results will be worth it and pain from a laser beam lasts less than a second!

  • How often do I require laser treatments?
    It is advised to start off with a course of around six treatment sessions. These should be regular appointments every four to six weeks to ensure that the hair will be caught during the anagen hair growth stage at some point of your treatment to be most effective. For facial hair laser treatments; these should be every four weeks as facial hair has a quicker growth rate than the hair that grows on our bodies
    After your initial treatment period, you should not require regular laser treatments and only a top up session when you feel the hair is starting to reappear quickly again and you are feeling the need to shave more and more frequently.
  • What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL?

    Laser hair removal uses a more concentrated and higher powered beam of light to disrupt the hairs growth cycle which is similar to the energy used for IPL treatments but laser treatments are far more effective as the light from the laser is far more concentrated it is far more precise and accurate at targeting the hair follicles than the light from an IPL machine where the light is far more disperse.

    IPL is only suitable for fairer skin tones as it uses a variety of energy wave lengths which can affect surrounding skin where as lasers are adjusted to the wave length suited to your skin tone so that the beam targets only the hair follicle and does not affect the surrounding skin, so can be suitable for both fairer and darker skin tones. The light beam from an IPL system is not as deeply penetrating as the laser beam so can sometimes not penetrate the skin deep enough to target the hair follicle heating up only the skin and missing the hairs, where as laser penetrates deeper into the skin to target the hairs follicle with more effective and long lasting results reducing hair growth significantly by around 90% after around three to five laser sessions.

  • Which body areas can be treated?
    Most body areas can be treated with laser hair removal such as:
    Facial hair- Eye brows, upper lip, cheeks, side burns, jaw line, beard chin and nose area
    Neck, shoulder blades, chest, nipples, naval, naval pubis, abdomen, ears and earlobes, upper and lower back, shoulders, upper and lower arms, underarms, hands, fingers, thighs, lower legs, feet, toes, buttocks, bikini line and pubic regions… so pretty much anywhere! 
  • Do you offer laser hair removal for men and women?

    We welcome both male and female patients for treatments, but please be aware that all treatment procedures are carried out by a female expert in laser hair removal.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Some normal side effects that may occur after recieving laser hair removal treatment include pink or redness of the skin, swelling around the treatment area or follicles (follicular edema), but these side effects rarely last more than two or three days. In some rare and extreme cases side effects include acne, skin discolouration, hypo or hyper pigmentation or burning of the skin. Although this can be avoided easily as we will always conduct a patch test and we will never use lasers which are too strong for our patients skin to cause our patients to suffer with damage to their skin.

  • Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?
    No, but it is suitable for most as we offer two different laser machines; one which treats those with fairer skin tones and another which is suitable for darker skin tones such as mixed race, Afro-Caribbean and Asian skin.
    It is not effective for those with light blonde or grey/white hairs as these hairs do not contain any or enough melanin which is needed to absorb the beam from the laser in order to kill the hair follicle. It is not unsuitable but it is unlikely that the desired results will be achieved from laser hair removal.
    Laser hair removal may be unsuitable for some individuals as it may cause a risk of scarring certain skin tones and is not safe for individuals who suffer from particular disorders, you will need to come for a free skin consultation and patch test prior to booking any laser hair removal treatments to ensure that you are compatible to receive treatment and it will not cause you any harm or risk causing damage to your skin.
    Please book a free consultation to check if laser hair removal is suitable for you!
  • Can you get cancer from laser hair removal?

    There is no evidence to suggest that Laser Hair Removal causes skin cancer.

  • Will laser hair removal feel the same every time?

    This depends on how you are feeling at the time of having your treatment, and also depends on how many follicles are being targeted by the laser at that time, the fewer follicles being targeted the less you will feel the laser.

  • Is laser hair removal expensive?

    Based on the results here at Body Phaze, in our opinion Laser Hair Removal is money well spent. In many cases it is confirmed that the results are longer lasting than most other forms of hair removal.

  • Does it matter where I go for laser hair removal?

    Here at Body Phaze our treatments are performed by a Registered Nurse, with over 20+ years Lasering and Consultation Experience. Professional advice/aftercare is given and treatments are performed safely.

  • How long does laser hair removal last?

    This depends of the individual’s hair growth cycle. In some case’s after the first course of treatments there is evidence of up-to a 95% reduction n the hair growth, lasting 6-12 months.